Russian Transplant Society

Russian transplant society All-Russian public organization of transplantologists “Russian transplant society” (RTS).

RTS is all-Russian public organization, whose primary objective is to promote joint efforts of society and government, doctors and scientists, the clergy and politicians for the sake of idea of ​​ saving the nation through the development of transplantation in our country.
Preservation and multiplication of the Russian population is a task on a national scale of great public importance. Transplantology today addresses not only save lives, but also the return of socially active members to a society. Patients with transplanted organs work, create families, and bear healthy children.

At the same time, it is difficult to find an area of medicine that would have caused in the society so meaningful public resonance and so ambiguous attitude. Besides actually professional ones, RTS is engaged in educational activities: to draw attention and to help realize that creation and maintenance of an effective system of organ donation to rescue the incurably-ill patients are one more important resource to save the nation.

Among the most important tasks and functions of the RTS as a public organization are:

  • To develop social conscious awareness of the importance and the need for transplantation as a specific and efficient way to save the nation;
  • To contribute to the consolidation of all sectors of society, government, the clergy in building conscious attitude to the issues of organ donation for transplantation;
  • To root in the public mind understanding of the depth of tragedy and greatness of the situation, when loss of one life can serve as a spark of hope, the icon-lamp, which has supported another life.

RTS organizes not only professional events, but the public actions too, drawing constant attention of the media and various social forces. The basic educational activity of the Society is directed on transforming transplantation and organ donation from a national problem into national treasure, on rooting in the society of the understanding of the state value of this problem.

Since 2013 RTS is a member of the National Medical Chamber.